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    Selective Plating Copper

    Pedro Newberry · 0 · Posted

    I am wanting to plate my 3.3 Gallon HD Sportster gas tank - externally only.  I was wondering if this process will work?  Is the surface area to great to maintain the 4.5-6v needed to apply a nice copper coating to?  Also, what would you recommend to clear coat it with to maintain the luster?

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    I should like to blacken my stainless steel gun. But my problem is that i don't know the type of stainless steel that Sig Sauer employs

    Good day.

    I should like to blacken my stainless steel gun. But my problem is that i don't know the type of stainless steel that Sig Sauer employs.

    I should do it with Stainless steel Blackener gel. Because the gel will not run off from the pièces.

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    Do Caswell plan to offer the mini tank sealer product with the same colour options as the GTS1750 product?

    Bel Reeves · 0 · Posted

    As per the title - do Caswell plan to ever offer the mini tank sealer product with the same colour options as the GTS1750 product?

    The clear product is good but it it is far easier to see if the coverage inside a tank is good if the sealer were coloured.

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    Whats is Shelf Life of GTS1750 Caswell Tank Sealer

    David Wise · 0 · Posted

    If unopened Caswell Tanks Sealer has a shelf life of 24 months, if it is opened, that reduces to 6-8 months, this is based on it being kept in a building and not outside 

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    GTS1750 on XPE plastic tanks

    Martin Kasche · 3 · Last reply by Clare

    I just got the XPE tanks of my KTM 660 Rally coated and one of them is standing in the living room filled up with 5 litres of fuel for 4 weeks now. I found one blister in the coat already. So I now know I will need to seal all tanks and my coater needs to repaint this one tank after leaving it another 4 weeks without fuel to get the settled ethanol evaporated. The other tanks are empty for more than a year now. I just have some questions here:

    Cleaning the tanks: There is written about diluted

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    Nickel plating a copper bath

    Ally · 1 · Last reply by Clare


    we usually gold plate various items using brush plating method.   We want Nickel/colbalt a copper bath.  We have experimented a few times but failed.  We need to use the brush plating method as the object is too large.  Will these chemicals be ok for brush plating? ELECTROLESS NICKEL/COBALT CONCENTRATE PART A, B, C is this for tank plating only?  I have done some tank plating a few years ago very successfully.   Will the NICKEL CRYSTALS WITH BRIGHTENERS be ok for brush plating?   


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    Kirkbybil · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I have two tanks, one 1.75 gallons and the other 2 gallons so 17 litres. Being a cheapskate I just wondered if I could get away with a mini kit to do both?

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    1955 Chrysler C-300 twin carb restoration.

    Tim · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I've removed the twin four port Aluminium carbs off of my 1955 Chrysler C-300. They were gummed, seized and in a pretty bad way. I've cleaned them in a ultrasonic bath with an Oxidation and Rust Removal Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution and then blasted them with walnut shell to remove all of the old tarnishing, however so they stay looking good, I wonder what you might advise to either plate them with a protective zinc or anodising. Thanks

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    power supply

    Tom Fisher · 1 · Last reply by Clare

    hi, I'm considering setting up to copper plate musical instrument parts to bring them back to size.  I can see your copper plating kit , but not a power supply.  do you stock a power supply?  If not, would a battery charger be suitable ?

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    New motorcycle fiber glass gas tank sealer

    Linasveik · 1 · Last reply by David Wise

    Hello, which sealer is best for motorcycle fiber glass petrol gas tank? Tank is new, made of polyester resin. 

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    Electroless Copper kit

    Greg Gibbons · 0 · Posted

    When is the electroless copper plating kit available for purchase?



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    Classic car bumpers

    Darren · 1 · Last reply by David Wise

    hi what products do i need to chrome over filled and primered bumpers

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    Edgaras · 1 · Last reply by Clare

    How many square meters can I plate with 5,5 litre COPY CAD AND ZINC PLATING KIT. How long can I use it? Store it? Can I get white and yellow color from the same kit?

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    Gerard Mccorry · 0 · Posted

    I have tried to purchase fuel tank sealer online but it wont let me it telling me that it cant be shipped to my address I live in Northern Ireland my postcode is BT41 4JW. I need this urgently. My phone no. 07887 941526

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    Chemical disposal routes

    Lesleystabler · 0 · Posted

    What are the disposal routes for tank liner remal and rust removal components of the fuel tank repair kits? Is it sufficient to dilute and dispose of in drains?

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    Zoran · 0 · Posted


    I am Zoran from Slovenia. I'm a conservator-restorer of fine art and antiques.

    I have a question about darkening, browning and blacking patinas for iron and brass and copper.

    I want to buy a few product.

    Here is a list of product which interested me. I wish to buy it if is not too much for pay for taxes and delivery.

    - Black and Brown Oxidazer (for brass,...) 500 ml concentrate

    - Flemish Grey Blackener (for copper) 500 ml concentrate

    - SD Cold Ox (mild steel blackener) 1 litre

    Please, can you tell me, how much the shipment and

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    Black Oxide kit -

    Armand Bourbon · 3 · Last reply by David Wise

    I just bought your Black Oxide kit and I am struggling with it :

    1: If I use the Cond-Ox solution, my mild steel will not blacken at all. Without, it seems to work even if I dont get a very dark black.

    2: I want to blacken / antique a piece of furniture and I cannot dip it. So I am trying to apply the products with brushes, sponges... Besides the issue above, I don't achieve an even result. Do you have an advice how to proceed?

    I posted in attachment an axample of the finish I am looking

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    Second Caswell tank liner treatment?

    Bel Reeves · 2 · Last reply by Bel Reeves


    Last year I purchased a motorcycle with a glassfibre fuel tank which I suspect has previously been relined using Caswell.

    I now recently removed the tank from the bike and thoroughly cleaned it internally using a dishwasher tablet and warm water.

    The inside of the tank was then inspected using a borescope.

    The liner appears to be in good condition, but there are a couple of small areas which may have been missed. See the attached pictures  - apologies for their quality.

    The questions I have are:

    • Is it possible that the liner is the Caswell product?
    • If so,