New Problems

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    Invitation to review form broken

    Oliver Westmancott · 0 · Posted

    After purchasing a product I was emailed an invitation to review it on your website. I duly followed the link but was unable to submit the review as the recapture widget on the form is no longer working.


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    Fuel Tank Liner Remover has destroyed my fuel tank!

    Jonathan Hill · 1 · Last reply by David Wise

    I recently purchased a 1ltr bottle fuel tank liner remover to remove a failed lining on my bike. The bottle did not come with any instructions so I followed the instructions listed under the product on your site as well as this article by David Wise.

    After an hour I checked and there was no sign of any bubbling or dissolving of the failed liner so I decided to keep the product in overnight. On returning to it the following morning (about 7 hours total time) i noticed creases in the tank at the front and the sides. When

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    Shipping to Scottish highlands

    Cjoneshome · 0 · Posted

    I tried to place an order for one of your complete restoration kits, but got turned down because the you can't ship the product to my address PH33 6UB. Why not? How else can I get a kit? My mobile number is 07768 268854. Thank you

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    Order Fulfillment

    lukas · 0 · Posted

    Why my order Fulfillment take so long (5 days) ? My order number #3439

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    Credit not recieved

    Prisilla · 0 · Posted


    Ref No 3244, returned these items in March, still waiting for credit no reply 

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    Chrome plate problem

    Germain Sarda · 0 · Posted

    Hello I have a problem with my triple chrome kit. The nickel and copper bath works well, but the chrome bath is not trim. I tested the bath with this procedure: 1) Set the temperature to 43 ° C 2) Clean the anode of the GP plate with an abrasive sheet and rinse with water 3) submerge the GP plate 4) I used a copper piece for plating test, 3.5cm x 2.5cm 5) The part is cleaned with an abrasive wheel, acetone, SD Klenne 175 and a finish 416. Each clean are rinse with water. 6) The piece are dives

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    Online shop - can't proceed to checkout

    Martin Aufenburg · 1 · Last reply by Martin Aufenburg

    Dear Sirs,

    recently i've tried several times to buy "Masking Laquer For Anodizing, Plating and Powder Coating" from your webshop, but there seems to be a major problem with checkout.

    Even registration isn't working for me. Is there any possibility to buy your product elsewhere?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help,

    BR from Austria.

    Martin Aufhammer, S&W ELOXAL