Knowledge Base: Anodising

  • Using Deox-N-Smut On Aluminium

    SD-Deox-n-smut 30

    SD-Deox-n-smut 30 is a liquid, non-chromate, fast acting De-oxidizer, De- smut used as a post etch and brightener process for aluminium. Deox 30 is miscible in water and provides a convenient de-smut/ de-oxidizer solution.


    SD-Deox-n-smut 30 should be added to cold water.


    Concentration                          5 — 10 % v/v Temperature                             Ambient Time                                     1 — 5 minutes


    Concentration                           7 — 12% v/v Temperature                             Ambient Time                                      2 — 20 minutes


    Stainless steel tanks are generally used, although linings of polypropylene, P.V.C. or A.B.S. are often used. In the small workshop HDPE buckets can be used

    Effluent Treatment

  • The Anodising Manual

    The Anodising Manual contains all the information required for setting up, anodising and completing a quality finished product.

    Please download the attached file to access the manual

  • Sealing With Anodise With SD Anodising Sealant

    (High Temperature Sealant)

    Any lined vessel may be employed for sealing. Ceramic lined or stainless steel cooking pots are ideal. Do NOT use aluminium, as it causes problems.

    Always use distilled water, as ordinary water may leave mineral deposits on/in the film.

    Anodising Sealant is a nickel acetate compound for sealing anodic coatings on aluminium. Anodising Sealant is a fine flowing greenish powder, readily soluble in water. It is specifically formulated with a pH regulator and an agent to help minimize smut. Anodising Sealant is suitable for clear anodise and offers increased weather and light-fastness on coatings dyed   with aluminium