Knowledge Base: Metal Blackening

  • Using Stainless Steel Blackener Using Dipping Process

    Room Temperature Blackening Solution for Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Blackener 370 is an acidic liquid concentrate used full strength or diluted with up to 3 parts water to blacken stainless steel at room temperature. It is recommended for colour coding parts and blackening engravings on stainless steels. It produces a pleasing dark grey/black finish. No sealer required. Clean: Parts must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased 2.   Rinse:    Thoroughly rinse using distilled water Activate: All stainless steel surfaces are passive by nature due to the chromium oxide present on the surface. This oxide must be removed prior to blackening by deoxidising/activating

  • Blackening Golf Clubs

    Most people that are colouring golf clubs us our Black oxide Kits or our Black Oxide Gel Kit, they both seem to work OK, although Hard Steels like carbon steel are difficult to get a Patina stain to last, so its important that you seal it after blackening, both kits come with a sealer, if its to oily, or gives a Matte effect you can use beeswax

    you will achieve the effect you want by submersion, and taking out when the colour matches what you need

  • Instruction On How To Use Black Oxide Kits

    Please download attachment to understand how to use our Black Oxide Kits

  • Black Oxide MSDS Sheets

    Attached are MSDS Sheets for the 4 Components that make up our Black Oxide Kits

  • How To Apply Aluminium Blackener

    Aluminium Blackener liquid concentrate is diluted with distilled water and used as an immersion blackening solution for aluminium and its alloys. Used full s↑rength, the concentrate may be applied by swab-on techniques for blackening engravings etchings, prototype parts or for the quick touch-up of scratched or remachined black anodised surfaces. The black finishes are of negligible thickness. Therefore,they produce essentially no dimensional changes in the finished part. Use Aluminium Blackener anywhere. No special equipment,control procedures, ventilation or heating. Vary colour from rich pewter grey to deep black by dillution and dwell time. Results are uniform, consistent, repeatable and stable under