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    Lacquer thinners?

    MC · 0 · Posted


    Is the lacquer thinners mentioned in your fuel tank sealant instructions the same as cellulose thinners?



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    Canton and Domet Flannel wheels

    Jamie Phillips · 0 · Posted

    What size are the mounting holes? Do they have the metal supports? How wide are they and can I get both in 14"

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    Chrome plate problem

    Germain Sarda · 0 · Posted

    Hello I have a problem with my triple chrome kit. The nickel and copper bath works well, but the chrome bath is not trim. I tested the bath with this procedure: 1) Set the temperature to 43 ° C 2) Clean the anode of the GP plate with an abrasive sheet and rinse with water 3) submerge the GP plate 4) I used a copper piece for plating test, 3.5cm x 2.5cm 5) The part is cleaned with an abrasive wheel, acetone, SD Klenne 175 and a finish 416. Each clean are rinse with water. 6) The piece are dives

  • What size items can I plate with your kits

    David Wise · 0 · Posted

    Its possible to plate most items, if you have a tank big enough, the problem is not the size of the tank, but the total surface area, which will dictate the voltage needed, if the item is to big, then the voltage needed may be so high that the electric rectifier needed would be to big and expensive

    Please read the attachment, and this will explain the procedure

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    can you use electroless plating on Plastic Parts to make them conductive for further plating?

    Jason Fullwood · 1 · Last reply by Clare

    can you use electroless plating on Plastic Parts to make them conductive for further plating?

    I'm looking to plate plastic parts but I cannot use normal conductive ink as the parts have holes I cannot reach with a airbrush or standard brush so would it be possible to plate plastic with electroless plating? to provide the conductive base to electroplate onto?

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    power supply

    Tom Fisher · 1 · Last reply by Clare

    hi, I'm considering setting up to copper plate musical instrument parts to bring them back to size.  I can see your copper plating kit , but not a power supply.  do you stock a power supply?  If not, would a battery charger be suitable ?

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    I should like to blacken my stainless steel gun. But my problem is that i don't know the type of stainless steel that Sig Sauer employs

    Good day.

    I should like to blacken my stainless steel gun. But my problem is that i don't know the type of stainless steel that Sig Sauer employs.

    I should do it with Stainless steel Blackener gel. Because the gel will not run off from the pièces.

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    maskit masking lacquer

    john · 3 · Last reply by Clare

    just received some maskit lacquer...

    It's so thick we can't paint it on to the features we want. Can I thin it down, if so what with? standard thinners, Acetone, etc?


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    Andrew Meggy · 2 · Last reply by Andrew Meggy

    1)  Can the Caswell Sealer Concentrate be used to give permanent rust protection after metal has been blacked with your 4-part Black Oxide Kit?  If so, would it replace the 'Seal-Ox' stage or would it be an additional step once dewatering has been completed?  

    2) The Sealer is shown as 'water-based' on the tin so what's the meaning of the description's second paragraph "The cellulose based ... cellulose thinners"?  Are there two product versions?  Many thanks 

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    Nickel plating a copper bath

    Ally · 1 · Last reply by Clare


    we usually gold plate various items using brush plating method.   We want Nickel/colbalt a copper bath.  We have experimented a few times but failed.  We need to use the brush plating method as the object is too large.  Will these chemicals be ok for brush plating? ELECTROLESS NICKEL/COBALT CONCENTRATE PART A, B, C is this for tank plating only?  I have done some tank plating a few years ago very successfully.   Will the NICKEL CRYSTALS WITH BRIGHTENERS be ok for brush plating?   


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    motorcycle gas tank sealer

    Alex · 1 · Last reply by Clare


    i am Alex from Italy, i  have a question regarding the gas tank sealer kits. What's the difference between the "Ethanol Proof Fuel Tank Renovation kit" and the "Ethanol Proof Fuel Tank Sealer GTS1750" ?

    i am restoring a motorcycle tank of 26litres capacity, the previous owner did a fuel tank liner treatment that i am trying to remove.....not without problems, it's very tough.

    i was wondering if you fuel tank sealer need to be replaced by a fresh treatment after a certain amount of time or it's simply once and for all? Do the different sealer colors have

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    Black Oxide kit -

    Armand Bourbon · 3 · Last reply by David Wise

    I just bought your Black Oxide kit and I am struggling with it :

    1: If I use the Cond-Ox solution, my mild steel will not blacken at all. Without, it seems to work even if I dont get a very dark black.

    2: I want to blacken / antique a piece of furniture and I cannot dip it. So I am trying to apply the products with brushes, sponges... Besides the issue above, I don't achieve an even result. Do you have an advice how to proceed?

    I posted in attachment an axample of the finish I am looking

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    Classic car bumpers

    Darren · 1 · Last reply by David Wise

    hi what products do i need to chrome over filled and primered bumpers

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    Kirkbybil · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I have two tanks, one 1.75 gallons and the other 2 gallons so 17 litres. Being a cheapskate I just wondered if I could get away with a mini kit to do both?

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    Do Caswell plan to offer the mini tank sealer product with the same colour options as the GTS1750 product?

    Bel Reeves · 0 · Posted

    As per the title - do Caswell plan to ever offer the mini tank sealer product with the same colour options as the GTS1750 product?

    The clear product is good but it it is far easier to see if the coverage inside a tank is good if the sealer were coloured.

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    Second Caswell tank liner treatment?

    Bel Reeves · 2 · Last reply by Bel Reeves


    Last year I purchased a motorcycle with a glassfibre fuel tank which I suspect has previously been relined using Caswell.

    I now recently removed the tank from the bike and thoroughly cleaned it internally using a dishwasher tablet and warm water.

    The inside of the tank was then inspected using a borescope.

    The liner appears to be in good condition, but there are a couple of small areas which may have been missed. See the attached pictures  - apologies for their quality.

    The questions I have are:

    • Is it possible that the liner is the Caswell product?
    • If so,
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    GTS1750 on XPE plastic tanks

    Martin Kasche · 3 · Last reply by Clare

    I just got the XPE tanks of my KTM 660 Rally coated and one of them is standing in the living room filled up with 5 litres of fuel for 4 weeks now. I found one blister in the coat already. So I now know I will need to seal all tanks and my coater needs to repaint this one tank after leaving it another 4 weeks without fuel to get the settled ethanol evaporated. The other tanks are empty for more than a year now. I just have some questions here:

    Cleaning the tanks: There is written about diluted