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    Startyourown · 0 · Posted

    Is it possible to collect from your location?

    If so, what's your address?

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    Large tank restoration kit

    Martb52 · 0 · Posted

    Hi ,

    Looking to buy a large tank restoration kit from you, my Fireblade tank has 18 litres capacity. Will the 1 litre of Rust remover be enough to do my tank or does the rust remover need to fill the tank ?

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    Delivery to Ireland

    Kerryming Sun · 0 · Posted

    hi there, I was looking to have a good bit of the stainless steel blackener kit delivered to Ireland if it is possible. If not do you have any stockist in Ireland 

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    Caruana 1994 · 0 · Posted

    Dear Caswell,

    I'm Carl Caruana from Malta (Europe). I would like to buy a dye colour from your shop. How is the procedure to send it to Malta please ?


    Carl Caruana

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    order not arrived Order #4042

    Corifede · 0 · Posted

    I have place my order the6 october but the items isn't not arrived, there are some problems  

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    Anodize Touch Up Kit - Caswell Inc

    JOHN WELSH · 0 · Posted

    Hi, do you stock the anodize touchup kit that is on the USA site? I can't get it shipped to the UK. I assume its small amounts of the blackener with a cleaner and sealer. I can't afford to buy the large quantities for my application to repair some scrapes on anodizing.

    Thanks in advance

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    gino acke · 0 · Posted

    Hello, I want to parkerize steel parts from 1940's Harley-Davidson. Wich product do you is the best to do this and do the parts need sandblasted before using your product. Normally it has to look grey-blu I think. Can i buy this from you as I have no company or VAT number and I live in Belgium?

    Thx Gino

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    Ship to Singapore

    Jax · 0 · Posted


    Is Aluminium blackening Solution able to ship to Singapore? 



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    Zoran · 0 · Posted


    I am Zoran from Slovenia. I'm a conservator-restorer of fine art and antiques.

    I have a question about darkening, browning and blacking patinas for iron and brass and copper.

    I want to buy a few product.

    Here is a list of product which interested me. I wish to buy it if is not too much for pay for taxes and delivery.

    - Black and Brown Oxidazer (for brass,...) 500 ml concentrate

    - Flemish Grey Blackener (for copper) 500 ml concentrate

    - SD Cold Ox (mild steel blackener) 1 litre

    Please, can you tell me, how much the shipment and

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    1955 Chrysler C-300 twin carb restoration.

    Tim · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I've removed the twin four port Aluminium carbs off of my 1955 Chrysler C-300. They were gummed, seized and in a pretty bad way. I've cleaned them in a ultrasonic bath with an Oxidation and Rust Removal Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution and then blasted them with walnut shell to remove all of the old tarnishing, however so they stay looking good, I wonder what you might advise to either plate them with a protective zinc or anodising. Thanks

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    Selective Plating Copper

    Pedro Newberry · 0 · Posted

    I am wanting to plate my 3.3 Gallon HD Sportster gas tank - externally only.  I was wondering if this process will work?  Is the surface area to great to maintain the 4.5-6v needed to apply a nice copper coating to?  Also, what would you recommend to clear coat it with to maintain the luster?

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    Electroless Copper kit

    Greg Gibbons · 0 · Posted

    When is the electroless copper plating kit available for purchase?



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    Invitation to review form broken

    Oliver Westmancott · 0 · Posted

    After purchasing a product I was emailed an invitation to review it on your website. I duly followed the link but was unable to submit the review as the recapture widget on the form is no longer working.


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    Chrome or gold plating mixed materials

    Ian · 0 · Posted


    I would like to plate some mixed material items for a sculptural artwork, these include a dagger and a replica metal pistol with plastic handles.

    Could you please advise me on my best course of action maintaining the items detail in the most cost effective way.

    Would I use your copper conductive paint to brush or spay onto JUST the plastic handles as the rest is steal or not? and is this in fact the correct product and course I should follow to achieve an all over chrome or gold finish?

    Thanks for your help,


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    Chemical disposal routes

    Lesleystabler · 0 · Posted

    What are the disposal routes for tank liner remal and rust removal components of the fuel tank repair kits? Is it sufficient to dilute and dispose of in drains?

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    Gerard Mccorry · 0 · Posted

    I have tried to purchase fuel tank sealer online but it wont let me it telling me that it cant be shipped to my address I live in Northern Ireland my postcode is BT41 4JW. I need this urgently. My phone no. 07887 941526

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    Fuel Tank Liner Remover has destroyed my fuel tank!

    Jonathan Hill · 1 · Last reply by David Wise

    I recently purchased a 1ltr bottle fuel tank liner remover to remove a failed lining on my bike. The bottle did not come with any instructions so I followed the instructions listed under the product on your site as well as this article by David Wise.

    After an hour I checked and there was no sign of any bubbling or dissolving of the failed liner so I decided to keep the product in overnight. On returning to it the following morning (about 7 hours total time) i noticed creases in the tank at the front and the sides. When

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    Shipping to Scottish highlands

    Cjoneshome · 0 · Posted

    I tried to place an order for one of your complete restoration kits, but got turned down because the you can't ship the product to my address PH33 6UB. Why not? How else can I get a kit? My mobile number is 07768 268854. Thank you

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    Chrome plating to stop chemical attack

    Robert Burgess · 0 · Posted

    Hello I am using copper parts in a sulfur atmosphere, but the sulfur is reacting with the copper and dissolving it. Chrome does not react with sulfur and so do you think hard chrome plating the copper parts will protect the copper from sulfur attack. I did see a comment on your site saying the chrome plating was porous.