Caswell tank sealer

Had my all steel BMW motorcycle tank lined with Caswell sealer around two years ago by a motorcycle restoration firm in Saffron Walden.  As I recall I took the name of this firm from one of Caswell's websites.  Today I find that the lining is parting company with the inside of the tank!  Not happy.  How do I now get this stuff out of my tank?

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That's great, thanks David.  I thought I might be on my own with this.  Just back from a 5000 mile trip to NordKapp and on my return noticed that the lacquer around the filler hole on the tank has wrinkled and bubbled.  Presumably ethanol as EU seems to use more of the stuff than we do.  So assumed the damage in the tank to be the same thing.  There's a centre weld ridge inside the tank and the Caswell has pulled away by about 1cm from each side of the ridge.

Thought I was doing the right thing getting a recommended professional to do this for me.  Anyway, yes please, I'll get the tank to you somehow and email to say when it's on its way.

Thanks David,

Dave (Schofield)


Sorry to hear you have a problem, I will try my best to help you

We sell around 3000 tank sealers a year, our average failure rate on 3000 units is 2 per
year and those can always be linked to exterior damage cause the sealer to crack, or a
chemical reaction from anything that has been in the tank previously or when installed

I know that every supplier will say there product is perfect, but our sealer will never break
down due to ethanol, its is used by fuel tank manufacturers, new motorcycle
manufacturers, F1 Teams, Airplane Manufacturers, etc. and has been since 1998.

Motorcycle restoration company are very good customers of ours and they have installed
many liners for customers, and we have not had any problems in the past, although 
without being there on the day your liner was installed, I really cannot guarantee the 

You are more than welcome to send the tank to us, or visit us in Hampshire, we can then put
a probe in the tank, and we will be able to tell you why its has happened, and the solution on
how to rectify the problem, but I can guarantee to you, the problem is in no way connected
to ethanol breakdown.

You can email me direct at david@caswelleurope.co.uk, or call me on 07730 953766