Chrome plate problem


I have a problem with my triple chrome kit.
The nickel and copper bath works well, but the chrome bath is not trim.

I tested the bath with this procedure:
1) Set the temperature to 43 ° C
2) Clean the anode of the GP plate with an abrasive sheet and rinse with water
3) submerge the GP plate
4) I used a copper piece for plating test, 3.5cm x 2.5cm
5) The part is cleaned with an abrasive wheel, acetone, SD Klenne 175 and a finish 416. Each clean are rinse with water.
6) The piece are dives into chrome bath with 3 amp current with power supply. The GP Plate and the piece are opposite so as to plate a single face of the part.
7) The are no bubble or foam and after 3 minutes, the piece is not plate.

If I use 10 amps current, the piece is partially plate, and there are foam and bubble (see picture in attachment).

After 10 minutes of bathing, the GP Plate is brown (see photo in attachment).

The chrome bath worked well 10 days ago, but does not work today.

Do you have a solution to recover my bath?

Best regards.