How many square meters can I plate with 5,5 litre COPY CAD AND ZINC PLATING KIT. How long can I use it? Store it? Can I get white and yellow color from the same kit?

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Hi unfortunately i am unable to answer the question on plating area for the copy cad and zinc kit as different applications will give very varied results.The main factor is the plating time as the plate will grow thicker the longer it is left and thus exhaust the solution.

We recommend that kits have a shelf life of 24 months but have customers with kits that are many years old and still working fine as long as they are kept air tight .

Yes you can get two different finishes from this kit but for Cad plate you wont want the brightener added as you will be after the duller affect of Cad.This is mainly achieved by preparing the work piece by blasting or with a nylon wheel etc to get these duller results.If you then want to get a zinc finish polish the parts prior to plating and introduce the brightener to the solution.However once you have added this it cannot be extracted .