Fuel Tank Liner Remover has destroyed my fuel tank!

I recently purchased a 1ltr bottle fuel tank liner remover to remove a failed lining on my bike. The bottle did not come with any instructions so I followed the instructions listed under the product on your site as well as this article by David Wise.   https://caswelleurope.helprace.com/i36-remove-an-existing-tank-sealer

After an hour I checked and there was no sign of any bubbling or dissolving of the failed liner so I decided to keep the product in overnight. On returning to it the following morning (about 7 hours total time) i noticed creases in the tank at the front and the sides. When turning the tank over it was clear that it had expanded. The rubber bung that was put in the filler neck was difficult to remove and when it did release it shot off like a champagne cork! As you can see in the images the tank is distorted beyond belief! Both the fuel tap and float holes are at angles when they are supposed to be pointing straight down. You can clearly see the creases at the from/top and the side where the tank has distorted. The image of the bottom is just breath taking!

This tank is of a fully restored Kawasaki GPZ900r that has been 3 years of hard work. The bike has had a small fortune spent on it as well as complete re-spray prior to returning to the road. These tanks are no longer available to by and second hand ones are very expensive, and they will need to be completely restored too.

This is a completely unacceptable situation and I would like Caswell to provide a detailed explanation as to why this has happened. 

I would lie a response by return of email. 

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Hi Jonathan,

I am sorry you have a problem, I have never seen this happen before, and we are selling 10,000s of litres of this product every year, I am assuming that the tank is a metal tank

Technically it is impossible for our tank seal remover to attack metal, it purely attacks the old tank seal, and reverses its stability, there is in no way any chemical that will attack metal.

and cause that type of damage, do you know the condition of the metal beneath the sealer, I have seen cases were tank sealer is holding the tank together, and once the old sealer is

removed the tank has collapsed, the outer skin looks OK, but that does not reflect the inner skin

If you are near Hampshire you are welcome to bring it in, if not please pack it in a secure box, and we will get it collected, once we receive it we can examine the inside, and give you

a report on what has happened